Volunteer Time

Get involved, volunteer as a SparkRelief Teammate.
There's always a way you can help!

Share Insight

We need your ideas too, we can't figure it all out ourselves.
Your stories and knowledge create insights that make us smarter.

Create Connections

Even if you do not contribute directly, everyone knows a person who can.
We welcome being connected to amazing people and organizations.

Donate Money

Every dollar goes such a long way
Click to see more information and ways to donate

Donate Goods

Our team needs all the stuff normal humans need, and if you provide it, we won't have to
fundraise to buy it. We welcome things like groceries, office space, gift cards, an apartment, etc.

Donate Services

If you are an awesome lawyer, accountant, or even massage therapist, lend us your professional
services and help us change the world.

Suggest Another!

Let us know your unique idea about how you want to contribute.